Bringing back streamuhe as a publisher

Submitted by io on Mon, 04/15/2019 - 17:36

It all started with the idea of connecting University of Agriculture Makurdi through a social network site that was projected to one day host the student Union government elections. Sadly it's launch was desastrous and style and dev environment changed aggressively leading to a no launch.

Then the idea switched from connecting students I a school to connecting all intellectuals who would freely write or monetize their content which would mostly be intellectual property. This matured to having what is a publisher hub with channels including news, events and books. 

If you're a journalist or a writer, put out your work here and never have it go away, better still, you can monetize your work as you drive traffic through it for ads or directly sell it securely.

While we're open to the world, we will start in Nigeria and Africa harvesting content that otherwise wouldn't be. You can be part of the editors by applying. Fill out your credentials and take an online interview.

As you connect with streamuhe, you'll be automatically connected with brickdocs and can synchronize your books and articles.